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Business Resource Group By-Laws


To exchange business referrals and general information as it relates to our businesses. Actively recruit new members to fill available industry slots. Pass leads to members on an informal basis. Leads & referrals are not tracked nor reported.

Membership to the MSI Chamber of Commerce is required. Members and applicants must follow the membership guidelines & application process. Membership dues must be addressed to: Mooresville/South Iredell Chamber of Commerce BRG Membership Dues and submitted to the Treasurer. MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE NOT SUBMITTED TO THE CHAMBER. The BRG will supply 1 business card holder and 1 name badge per member. Upon terminating membership, the cardholder and badge must be returned to the Chair or Co-Chair.

Meetings are held monthly on the first & third Fridays from 7:15 AM to 8:30 AM. November and December meetings are held on the first Friday only. Member only meetings will be announced. The venue will be listed on the website, communicated at meetings and via email. Members and guests will give a 30 second commercial, detailing their business. Guest requests must be submitted to the membership chair. Members will be scheduled for a 10 minute presentation of their business. Committee activities will be reported to the group. Member announcements are encouraged. Meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Each member is responsible for signing the attendance sheet at each meeting. Members may have another representative of the company attend as a proxy. Members may be granted a leave of absence (LOA), with majority group approval. Members granted a LOA may not vote. Membership dues must be paid in full before requesting LOA. After 3 months LOA without a return or approved extension, the industry slot will be considered open. Upon receipt of an application for that industry slot, the LOA business member will be contacted for reinstatement or dismissal. Upon missing a 5th meeting, the Chair or Co-Chair will contact the member to communicate the attendance policy. Upon missing a 6th meeting, membership will be reviewed for dismissal.

The Chair and Co-Chair will review membership status every 4 months. Upon a majority vote of the group, a membership may be terminated if a:

  • Member or Company does not renew MSI Chamber membership.
  • Member fails to pay dues for BRG renewal.
  • Member conducts unethical or immoral business practices either within or outside the BRG.
  • Member does not abide to the By-Laws.
  • Member attendance reaches 6 or more absents.

Before member termination is voted on, the member must be contacted for details on membership. A letter will be sent to the member, notifying them of any action taken by the BRG.

All issues will be decided by majority vote. By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members. A quorum of 75% of the membership must be present to amend the By-Laws. Issues unrelated to the By-Laws can be voted on without a quorum. If a business is represented by multiple individuals, only the primary representative may vote.

The Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary Seats will be nominated at the first meeting in September. Officer elections will be held the second meeting in October. Current Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary can be nominated for re-election. The majority vote will decide the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The second majority vote for Chair will decide the Co-Chair. The Treasurer will be a member representing one of the financial industries within the group (CPA, Financial Advisor, Banker, etc.). The Treasurer will work with the MSI Chamber to manage all funds accumulated by the BRG. The Treasurer is the ONLY BRG member that can request BRG funds. All expense payments must be approved by membership vote The Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster and venue host will have their dues waived during their term of service to the BRG.

Every member will be represented on the website: The website will promote the BRG and serve as a communication tool. Each industry representative will have a webpage for their business with:

  • Contact information
  • Pictures
  • Description of services offered

Members may contact the webmaster to edit the content of their page. Access to the website will be provided to appointed members for content editing. The webmaster will perform the majority work on the website. The webmasters labor is donated to the BRG. All website costs (Hosting, Domain Name, Software, etc.) will be reimbursed to the web host company.

MSI Chamber:
The MSI Chamber of Commerce will not govern the BRG. The BRG will operate under its own discretion without guidance, restrictions or reprimands from the MSI Chamber. The MSI Chamber acts only as a catalyst to enhance membership of the BRG. The BRG will represent the MSI Chamber in an ethical and positive manner. 

Amendment Record: Amended 13-May-/2013 for attendance requirements, website changes & access. G. Holden Amended 06-Jan-2015 via email vote to alter meeting date – First & third Fridays, same times. G. Holden